The Economics of Localism

General Works

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Ecological Economics

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Social Capital

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Money, Credit, Finance.

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Accounting, Sustainability Metrics & Indeces, Valuation Frameworks & Analysis

Helfert, Erich. Techniques of Financial Analysis.

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Daly, Herman and Cobb. For the Common Good:

Sustainability Metrics and Indeces Overview. Wikipedia article.

Complexity Economics

Beinhocker, Eric D. The Origin of Wealth: The Radical Remaking of Economics and What It Means for Business and Society. Harvard Business School Press. 2006.

Quantitative and Analytical Methods

Watts, Duncan. Small Worlds: The Dynamics of Networks between Order and Randomness. Princeton University Press. 1999.

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Psychology & Philosophy

Hillman, James. Revisioning Psychology.

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Osho. Love, Freedom, and Aloneness.

Ogilvy, James. Creating Better Futures.

Studies available on the Web.

Plugging the Leaks. New Economics Foundation.

Leakage Analysis of the Martha’s Vineyard Economy. Michael Shuman and Doug Hoffer.

Institutional Development, Common Pool Resource Management, Collaborative & Deliberative Processes

Special issue of Ecology and Society (June 2006) on Exploring Resilience in Social-Ecological Systems through Comparative Studies and Theory Development.


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