I am interested in the continuum from political economy and culture, to the interiors of desire, feeling and philosophy of mind. I’ve travelled a lot, in the world, and within myself. Below are some of my attempts at making intelligible my life experience.

Dream Interpretation.

Group dream interpretation is a foundational practice for human societies. Dreams consistently deliver us beyond the narrow thought boundaries of our waking consciousness. The group interpretation process allows us first hand to experience the mysterious interconnection between our private and social selves. This paper is on the philosophical foundations — the hermeneutics — of how through groups people co-create a shared world of meaningfulness.

The Philosophical Foundations for Group Dream Work


A review of new business models and economic measures for a sustainable future. All of it stems from a renewed consciousness.

Knowledge Management

Thomas Kuhn’s distinctions of “normal” versus “revolutionary” science directly pertains to node size in hypertexts.  Published in Wilson Library Review, I wrote this two years before hypertext transport protocol was crafted by Tim Berners-Lee. But still relevant.

If you have any trouble downloading these, send me an email and I’ll send you a copy.


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24 05 2011

thanks for that great work it assisted me in my assignment.may God Bless u

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